For most systems, DSU(s) obtain data from field instruments via direct communications, but data may also be acquired using I/O interface modules. Our systems are built according to the analysers and instruments on plant, and the available communications protocols from these sensors. If direct communications are not available, Envirosoft utilise the proven Advantech ADAM modules, either serial (RS232 or RS485) or Ethernet. The advantage of the Ethernet base units is that multiple computers can access the data. RS485 units may be useful for remote I/O over long distances (>1 mile) and can use existing site analogue cables. The ADAM I/O base units are expandable with individual I/O cards, and analogue and digital inputs are acquired by the DSU, where the primary data is stored before onward transmission to the Data Acquisition System PC(s). Where analogue or digital retransmission is a requirement, output cards may be fitted.

All emission data is usually accessed directly from the CEMS analysers and stored on the DSU’s integral SSD, then transmitted to all CEMS PCs on the system via Ethernet. If the host PC is unable to accept data for a period (when off or disconnected) all missing data is automatically downloaded when reconnected. The storage capacity of our DSUs is usually greater than 10 years.

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System Overview Examples

Below are some of the configurations we can provide through our systems, offering many solutions for redundancy.

Data Storage Unit (DSU)

The DSU is a small form computer custom built by Envirosoft to provide the highest availability and reliability. Its primary function is to gather data from analysers directly via Ethernet, Serial or via an A/D converter using analogue signals (4-20mA). Coupled with a large & fast hard drive, the DSUs are designed for 24/7 operation and data storage.


Features include:

● Multiple serial ports (RS232/ RS485) for connection to external serial devices 
● 12-24V DC or 110-240V AC power inputs
● Multiple LANs for connection to Ethernet enabled equipment (Modbus over TCP/IP, Bespoke protocols)
● Large SSD for data storage and reliability (RAID options available)
● Multiple DSU operation for complex site arrangements
● Backup DSU operation available


The CEMSuite PC hosts the main interface to interact with CEMForm, CEMQual and the reporting packages. The machine receives, processes, stores and displays the data sent from the DSU.


Features include:

● A PC's enclosure & components can be completely customised for each jobs requirements (e.g. rackmount)
● As standard, the machine is fit with an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, 450W PSU, 3x display outputs & 2x ethernet ports
● The premium PC upgrade includes an i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD and a 750W high rated PSU
● Multiple PC options are available for complex site arrangements
● Redundant PC options are available
● Runs Windows 10 IoT LTS, a streamlined version of the operating system with long term support & secuirity updates

Inputs & Outputs

Envirosoft has the ability to interface with practically all analyser protocols to gather the data from the CEMS, and also to transmit the data back to the DCS.

Protocols include:

● Modbus (TCP/IP or serial), ASCII or RTU
● Profibus DP and Profibus NET
● OPC (Server & Client)
● Proprietary protocols such as Siemens ELAN or Servomex ASCII
● Analogue values (4-20mA, 1-5V)
● Logic values (TTL or VFCC)



We design every panel individually to suit each site's specifications. We offer multiple sizes, from small beacon panels to large enclosures housing multiples DSUs, terminal rails, relays, I/O Modules, switches, power supplies and much more. In warmer environments, the panel can be cooled to ensure all mounted equipment remains within its working temperatures.

Weather Stations

The weather station's instruments can be situated anywhere on site, as it can be powered locally by its solar panel, or hard wired into a power source. The transmitter sends its data either wirelessly or via cable connection, allowing the location of the unit to be flexible. All the weather data can be displayed in CEMForm and used to calculate the pollutants dispersion over the local area using CEMPact.

Channels Include:

● Precipitation
● Wind Speed
● Wind Direction
● Temperature Indoor and Outdoor
● Pressure


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