Additional Software

CEMPact: A real-time plume dispersion estimate.

Siemens Panel: Analyser display mimic providing remote control over Siemens analysers.

Land Panel: Analyser display mimic providing remote control over the Land FGAII analyser.

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CEMPact has been designed to operate in parallel with our Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) to provide an estimate of the ground level gas concentrations resulting from the release of exhaust gases from one or more stationary sources at a particular location. CEMPact calculates the mass emission (kg/hr) from the raw emissions data, & then uses the wind speed & direction, ambient temperature, stability class, stack gas temperature etc, to calculate the predicted pollution levels over a selected area. 

Key Features include:

● Operates in parallel with our existing emission monitoring system
● Predicts plume in real-time and historically 
● Automatically updates the prediction from the latest data available
● Manages calls of ‘incidences’ and plots these straight onto the dispersion prediction
● Summarises and graphs meteorological data and plume trajectory
● Trajectory of buoyant plumes assessed according to Brigs estimate for plume rise
● Plume dispersion estimated using Gaussian model treatment in horizontal and in vertical for stable atmospheres
● 3 dimensional local terrain mapping 


Siemens Panel

The Siemens panel program is a command interface and remote display for the following Siemens ELAN interface analysers:


By using the Siemens panel program, the operator can change and observe the parameters as if at the analyser keypad. Such data includes: diagnostics, current output, calibration times etc, and commands such as calibrations and pump operations are included.

Key Features include:

● Analyser screen mimic for all measurements and operating modes
● Ability to check and modify all analyser parameters
● Provides remote calibration and operation
● Operates in parallel with CEMSuite data acquisition


Land Panel

This utility has been developed alongside Land to provide a valuable diagnostic tool for the Land FGAII gas analyser. Operating on the PC in parallel with CEMSuite, Land Panel can provide detailed knowledge of the analyser operation, assisting in maintenance requirement assessments.

● Storage and trending of all major diagnostic variables

● Recall and comparison of many year’s data

● Commands dovetailed with normal data acquisition


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