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Envirosoft is an independently owned UK company specialising in PC based data-logging systems for environmental applications.

We design, build and support Data Acquisition and Reporting Systems, mainly throughout the UK and Ireland, with installations in many other countries. Envirosoft collaborates with many of the world’s leading analyser manufacturers, (SICK, ABB, Gasmet, Siemens, Land Instruments, PCME, DURAG, Enviro Technology Services and more) to provide a complete set of MCERTS approved software that is simple to use, with the facility to produce CEMS reports ready for submission to the local authority. Tried and trusted by hundreds of plant operators worldwide, we design, supply, commission and support CEM Systems to meet the requirements of all current legislation.

We were the first UK environmental software company to obtain MCERTS approval.


All our software conforms with MCERTS standards.

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MCERTS provides accreditation specifically for Environmental data management systems. It covers quality procedures similar to ISO9000, coding standards and software systems such as testing, plus functionality and performance, including security and auditability etc.





CEMForm is the primary application for viewing instantaneous data and historical trends, consisting of the primary overview page, trend page and the data grid. The application also handles most of the data processing, such as normalisation and QAL2 factors.



CEMQual allows the user to collect and review their QAL3 results in many different formats, such as an array of charts (SHEWART, CUSUM, EWMA or VCR) or as a data grid.


Reporting Programs

Envirosoft offers a range of reporting programmes to correspond with different directives within the industry. Incorporating WID (Waste Incineration), LCPD (Large Combustion Plant) and a generalised reporting tool (CEMPort) capable of reports with spans & averages of up to a year. 



Data Storage Units

The DSU is a small form computer custom built by Envirosoft to gather data from analysers directly, via Ethernet or Serial Modbus. The unit's parts are chosen for their reliability, longevity and security in the field. Multiple DSUs can be installed for redundancy options.


Input/ Output Units

By utilising I/O modules in conjunction with DSUs, Envirosoft have the ability to interface with practically all analyser protocols to gather the data from the CEMS, and also to transmit the data back to the DCS.



We offer a range of panels, varying in size and material. All fully configurable to house the required items, such as: DSUs, I/O units, PSUs, dual power RCBs, Ethernet/ Fibre switches, relays, cooling fans, sirens, beacons etc.


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